Reflection: Lesson Planning A House Call for Greedy Gordy - Comparing Numerals with Less - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


I had a student teacher comment on the fact that my lessons on greater and less were very similar in structure.  She said, "Couldn't you think of anything else creative to do with the kids?"  It was a good question and it acted as a spring board for a conversation about lesson design. 

In kindergarten, structure is very important.  Once the students understand the structure, they are able to function more freely.  There is not the "unknown".  The students feel comfortable and are ready to take risks.  I purposefully design lessons on related concepts in a similar fashion so the students can make connections between the concepts.  There is that "a-ha" moment when they get that "less" is related to "more".  It isn't about a lack of creativity.  It is about planning lessons that allow students to be successful learners.

  A House Call for Greedy Gordy
  Lesson Planning: A House Call for Greedy Gordy
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A House Call for Greedy Gordy - Comparing Numerals with Less

Unit 2: Working With Numbers 0-10
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to compare numbers 0-10 and determine which number is less.

Big Idea: Students have compared quantities and worked with ordering numbers. Now they get to apply this knowledge by comparing using written numbers.

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