Reflection: Students with Disabilities My Book of Words With Short A - Section 2: Interact with concept


If I have students who are struggling with copying the words or do not have the skills to copy the words yet, I will ask them to write’ Aa’ on the lines rather than copying the words.  I have students who come into kindergarten already qualified as Special Education or Special Needs, so these are the students that I am more aware of in terms of making modifications to the expectations.  I almost always let them try to copy the words and, based on their performance, I make modifications to their writing.

  Students with Disabilities: Reflection
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My Book of Words With Short A

Unit 13: Letter A
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT recognize and copy /a/ vocabulary words and match the word with the picture.

Big Idea: Time to read! Let's sound it out!

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