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I've taken different approaches to introducing students to Romanticism in the past, it's a difficult to teach Romantic poetry to students unless I present them with an overview first.  

I have two goals with this unit, the first to help students understand the impact of a literary and artistic movement that is over two hundred years old and the second, to prepare students to read Frankenstein.  

It surprises me how often students conflate Romanticism the literary movement with their ideas of 'romantic' or intimate love. 

As one students put it, "When I think of romantic, I think of flowers and chocolates." The trick is helping them to understand that Romanticism is more than love and intimacy, that it is a cultural and literary movement responsible for revolution and invention. 

  Understanding Romanticism
  Unit Planning: Understanding Romanticism
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Introduction to the Romantics

Unit 2: The Romantic Poets
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Objective: SWBAT define Romanticism as a literary movement

Big Idea: What is Romanticism

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English / Language Arts, literary sources, documentary, Romantic poets
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