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I had to be a little stern today, but I think we are in MUCH better shape than yesterday! Too many students were relying on me, and were not taking charge of their own learning. Today I put my foot down and required them to talk it out with one another and to actually try multiple times before they called me over. I had to give some help during the opener, and ended up creating three extra problems for students to do without me as a secondary opener, then during the game I put it on them.  I did not help unless I saw a student truly struggling, and then I asked guiding questions such as - what is the relationship between the number and the variable? How do you undo what is being done to the variable?

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  Accountability: Much Better!
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One Step Practice - If you are allowed to use tools....USE THEM!

Unit 6: Equations
Lesson 2 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to use inverse operations to solve a one-step equation.

Big Idea: Check your work - WHAT?! Yes, I would like you to check your work using tools strategically - smartphone, calculator...

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