Reflection: Student Ownership A Student Driven Review for the Test on Multiplication Concepts - Section 4: Closing: Preparing for our test: Getting our mindset!


Students respond so well to this technique of allowing them to decide what they should remember for a test. I exercised Math Practice Standard 3 while reinforcing the standards that we needed to achieve. 

I love to review this way because it also brings out what is weak and therefore I can address these concepts once more. In this case, they didn't know their properties as well as they should. They were able to take more notes and practice. I was absent the day that was taught and I strongly suspect they didn't focus as well on that lesson as I had hoped. I was glad lack of understanding surfaced today. If I hadn't done a review like this, and had just given them the worksheet, I wouldn't have been able to catch it until it was too late.

Mastering standards is my focus of teaching. Everyone is capable of mastering the standards before they go to fifth grade. This is a new attitude. I remember before Common Core, we too often just ignored the failure or lack of learning and pushed forward. This new revelation in teaching gives students a level of confidence and joy in learning.

This Educreations video reflects on what I noticed in three student's review sheets. The review sheets are eye opening and are simple enough to plan support for the student. In the video, I mispeak when I say "as we transition to CCSS next year".  I meant to say, the focus on PEMDAS will not be part of our lessons next year as they do not support the standard. It is a carry over from the transition, before I was able to dissect the standards so completely through my opportunity as an MT through Better Lesson!

  The Value of Deciding for Ourselves What is Important to Remember
  Student Ownership: The Value of Deciding for Ourselves What is Important to Remember
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A Student Driven Review for the Test on Multiplication Concepts

Unit 4: Concepts of Multiplication
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT effectively prepare for their assessment on factor pairs, in and out charts, grouping, arrays and prime and composite numbers.

Big Idea: Students will review prior quizzes and classwork to help create a study guide for the final test.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, multiplication, Unit Review, factor pair, arrays, Operations
  50 minutes
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