Reflection: Homework Write to Right: Writing an Introduction and Casting the "Right" Vote in "The Most Dangerous Game" - Section 5: Closure/Homework


Since I was underwhelmed by many of the responses to the homework assignment, I will be much more explicit about how much I want them to include the  T Chart responses. On the bright side, the homework assignment revealed that many students did not really read the rest of the text. They merely wrote down some things about the characters to avoid getting in trouble for not doing the homework. This is great information for my practice because I think homework has to be meaningful enough for students to be motivated to complete it, so I have to work on this. Don't get me wrong, the students that did not put effort in the homework with have to deal with my wrath, but I do understand my role in their performance.

  Homework Should Be Meaningful
  Homework: Homework Should Be Meaningful
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Write to Right: Writing an Introduction and Casting the "Right" Vote in "The Most Dangerous Game"

Unit 8: Actions and Reactions: Comparison Contrast Essay
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT draft the introductory paragraph of a comparison contrast essay; SWBAT evaluate characters' advantages by participating in an online poll

Big Idea: Students "write" before they vote to see who is "right" about characters in "The Most Dangerous Game."

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