Reflection: Complex Tasks Working with Multiples Using the Factor 3 - Section 3: Grouping 3's


Having students write (or tell) multiplication stories that are based on a given equation is critical to depth of understanding. When students write stories, they are diving deeper into what the number equation really means.  

Also, when they compose, they will begin to learn to read stories more closely, looking for key words they know to watch for, as they have used them in their own writing.

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  Complex Tasks: Writing Stories
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Working with Multiples Using the Factor 3

Unit 10: Fluency to Automoticity
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: Students will use their knowledge of skip counting to build their accuracy with multiplication facts with a factor of 3 and learn what the vocabulary word "multiples" means.

Big Idea: Children don't readily "see" threes. In this lesson, we work to find connections to 3 in our skip counting, which we will identify as working with multiples.

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Math, product, factors, skip counting, multiples, pattern, equation
  50 minutes
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