Reflection: Flexibility Making Equal Groups Part 2 - Section 3: Active Engagement


You will notice that I do not have any film clips of my students working on the actual task in this lesson.  The reason for that is this activity proved difficult for just about every one of my students.  I had to put down the camera and work right alongside the children for the whole period.  

Many of the students had a really difficult time writing a story problem to go along with their model, which is not surprising and I welcomed the opportunity to work with them and get an idea for a future mini lesson.

If you decide to try this lesson, I would suggest having the students work on two squares of the organizer one day and the other two another day so you can model more of what you expect.

  Flexibility: Design
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Making Equal Groups Part 2

Unit 2: Understanding Multiplication
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to explain equal groups by drawing, using numbers, creating word problems, and selecting a strategy.

Big Idea: Third grade students will be using equal groups the entire school year. It is imperative that they understand how to create and manipulate them. This lesson will help them explore various ways of working with equal groups.

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Math, model with math, equal groups, discourse
  55 minutes
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