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Definitely had one of THOSE days.  My students seemed to do really well during the rational numbers unit, so I wasn't too scared to start equations.  Okay - wow - not much else I can say.  Much to my surprise, eventhough the kids had been introduced to one-step equations, one steps with rational numbers through them for a loop.  I literally wanted to bang my head against the wall. However, I got it together and just slowly worked through the problems, until I realized that that is not what they needed at all - they really needed time to just grapple with the problems. Once they started talking to their tables about x and what was being done to it, the lesson started to turn around. (note to self, less me more them!) My takeaway from this lesson, however, is two things - 1. next year I will break lesson into two parts - one day with add/sub and the other with mul/div, and 2. I am not moving on to word problems tomorrow, I will spend another day just practicing the concept.  Thus, I am inserting a new lesson after this one where students will have a chance to practice with their peers in a fun way!

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One Step Equations

Unit 6: Equations
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Objective: Students will be able to solve one step equations with rational coefficients and constants.

Big Idea: It's just one step! Don't let the appearance of a fraction or decimal throw you off - the steps for solving an equation don't change.

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Math, Algebra, equation, inverse operations
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