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It was fascinating to listen to students give me "pushback" when I stayed firm on Margo having the greater number. CCSS MP3 states, "Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others." This lesson allows for students to both construct arguments themselves, while also listen to other students provide reasoning for why they disagree with my argument.

I intentionally used cubes to build 37 and had a student use base 10 blocks to build 73. My reasoning here was because I wanted to see if students would confuse the size of the blocks with the quantity. When I stated, "37 is greater because this side is bigger than the 73", a student responded, "It doesn't matter how big the cubes are. That doesn't change which one has more."

Other examples of student responses...

  • "73 is greater because 7 tens is more than 3 tens".
  • "The tens matter more because 10 is more than 1"
  • "When you count to 37, you have to keep going to 73. There are more numbers after 37 t get to 73 so 73 has more".


  The Pushback
  Discourse and Questioning: The Pushback
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Top It!

Unit 8: Understanding Equality
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT detemine which number is greater. SWBAT use the language "greater than" and "less than" correctly.

Big Idea: Students play Top It! with a partner and practice place value and learn the terms "greater" and "less".

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