Reflection: Organizational Systems Marking The Text - Section 2: Getting Down to Business


Having students "mark the text" can be a spendy proposition when you take into consideration all of the books and/or copies that are needed.  I have found a couple of ways to get around this problem.

The first is outlined in this lesson.  I have students use sticky notes rather than writing directly on the text.  This is a good strategy to use as you will have evidence of student note-taking without them actually writing on your copies.

A colleague of mine came up with this solution too: She makes a class set of a text and puts each sheet into a plastic sheet protector.  Students then mark the text with vis-a-vis markers.  This is a great way to have students practice underlining important passages.  However, with this method, there won't be a record of note-taking, so you would have to provide a next-step assignment that requires students to do something with the passages they've underlined.  Once they are done with the activity, baby wipes can be quickly used to clean the plastic sheets.

  Marking the Text Wihtout Making Copies
  Organizational Systems: Marking the Text Wihtout Making Copies
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Marking The Text

Unit 12: The Socratic Seminar
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT write open-ended questions based on annotations made on a text.

Big Idea: Mark the text with your responses and ideas for open-ended questions.

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