Reflection: Relevance Introduction to Cornell Notetaking System - Section 4: Sharing Notes


As I analyzed students' summary samples: Cornell Notes Student Sample 1 and Cornell Notes Student Sample 2, I noticed that a few students did not complete the last step.  The last step is to condense the notes into a final summary across the bottom of the page of the note template.  By condensing the summary even more for the last step, students learn to use their own words and extract irrelevant information.  Most students left this portion blank, because they are still struggling not to copy text verbatim on their notes in order to avoid plagiarism.  We discuss plagiarism. However, i realize that students need more modeling and practice to reach the final summary step. It takes a great amount of trial and error for students to feel comfortable translating text into "their own words".

  Relevance: Sample Summaries
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Introduction to Cornell Notetaking System

Unit 5: Florida Research
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT find relevant information using multi-media sources.

Big Idea: How do students effectively take notes during research? Students gather information using text features to locate key ideas during shared research. Information is graphically organized using the Cornell Note Taking System.

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