Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Reflecting on 1st Semester and Setting Goals for 2nd Semester - Section 5: Applying Knowledge: Writing a Letter to the Teacher


Primarily in these letters I am looking for students to share their critique of the class.  Students needed to demonstrate that they to present the relevant content in the appropriate tone.  The first letter contains quality content but incorrect tone and the second letter had both appropriate content and tone. Overall the letters are more self-reflection that constructive criticism of the class. I think the students relied to heavily on the information from the presentations instead of looking beyond the topics I chose for the presentation. 

  Student Self-Assessment: Student Letters
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Reflecting on 1st Semester and Setting Goals for 2nd Semester

Unit 11: New Beginnings, Community Identities, and Remembrances
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Objective: SWBAT use appropriate tone in a critical analysis of their experiences in English class by writing a letter to their teacher reflecting on last semester. SWBAT participate in class and small group discussion of goals and present their conclusions.

Big Idea: What did I learn and where am I going? Students examine their accomplishments and shortcomings, and then set goals for a new year.

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