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When I plan a student led discussion, I want to make sure that I have decided on a couple of good debatable topics or questions. I pre-read the text before hand, even if I know it well. Sometimes the best questions come after a refreshing read of the text. I then decide on key points that I want to focus my class on. I decide on what point I want to try to make, or how I want to guide them to discovering a connection. 

Once I have a good idea of where I want to steer the discussion I develop the questions. I make sure to develop two or three. I make sure to have this many incase they go through the questions quickly and I want to keep them talking. The other thing I have found to be important is to put the questions in order from the most important one I want to ask to the least. This way if the discussion is really moving, they are focused not the most important of the discussion points. Then if time is an issue the one you wanted to cover most has happened. 

  Preparing a Discussion
  Lesson Planning: Preparing a Discussion
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Fact or Opinion

Unit 21: Lesson with Writing
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT distinguish fact from opinion and be able to write their own examples of fact and opinion.

Big Idea: Realizing when an author is giving us their opinion is difficult. In this lesson students will use a text they know well to help them write fact and then write opinions that the author could use.

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