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My students had a lot to say about street gangs with comments such as, "If you show you're weak they will make sure you get beat."  I think their knowledge of the street made the fight scene with young Richard more meaningful but it may have also made it more difficult for them to see how his mother might of acted irrational  by sending her young son out to fight an unknown gang of kids.  Safety and security in a classroom environment is crucial but I realized after this lesson that my students "street world" is an environment that has strong influences on the classroom as well.  

  Gang Question
  Trust and Respect: Gang Question
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Analyzing Theme and Author's Purpose

Unit 6: Non Fiction: Black Boy
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT analyze the development of theme and author’s purpose by reading a chapter 1 excerpt from Black Boy and answering guided questions.

Big Idea: Diving into Richard Wright's experience with being parented for survival.

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