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It is so natural as teachers to want to "fix" all the mistakes we see and make sure things are "right". However, in the conferring model, it is important to pick a concept that will take the student further the next time they attempt a task.  In keeping with this thinking, spending time on mistakes rather than misconceptions, is pointless.  

Teaching students to do quick checks after the hard thinking will take care of the mistakes.  It is the conceptual thinking that you will want to tune into and talk with the students about.  It is important to keep this short and easy to understand and put into practice right away, so that the work is seamless and so the students feel success, rather than confusion.

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Is It Multiplication or Division?

Unit 4: Understanding Division
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Objective: Students will be able to show how they use multiplication and arrays to solve division problems in a real world context.

Big Idea: Many students see multiplication and division as separate operations and with no relationship. This lesson prepares them to have conversation about how the two are closely linked.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, word problems, factors, division, communication, modeling with math, math journaling, multiplication division relationship
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