Reflection: Complex Tasks Writing Our Good Copies and Final Peer Editing - Day 5 Honeybees - Section 4: Closure


    When I initially saw my student's work I was very pleased.  I still need to evaluate the work against the rubric to get their official grades but I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Just by looking at the work, I already know not all my students will have met the standard and that's O.K.  We will keep writing expository text and keep working towards towards the standard.  In my reflection video  I really wanted to see how my struggling students did.  You will see in the video how I share how far my strugglers have come since the beginning of the year. 

  Complex Tasks: Analyzing Student's Work
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Writing Our Good Copies and Final Peer Editing - Day 5 Honeybees

Unit 2: Introduction to Expository Writing About Honeybees
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT finish their final copy and reread their story for the correct use of language conventions.

Big Idea: We are in the final stretch. Today our story should be done!

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