Reflection: Intervention and Extension H is for...Word Wheel! - Section 2: Interact with concept


I have assigned the word wheel for homework.  The students have to read the word wheel with someone at home and a parent or older brother or sister signs the back to signify that it was read.  I then, either send it back home with the child or I have also kept Word Wheel Bags in the classroom where kids keep the word wheels all year to review and revisit.  I also make Word Wheel Bags a center at different points in the year!

  Getting the most out of your word wheel
  Intervention and Extension: Getting the most out of your word wheel
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H is for...Word Wheel!

Unit 7: Letter H
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT create a word wheel that will enable them to practice /h/ vocabulary reading and picture match.

Big Idea: We use the letter H to read and write.

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helicopter word wheel
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