Reflection: Classroom Setup Introduction to Summaries: A Whole-Class Discussion - Section 1: Introduction


I do not have enough room in my classroom for the entire class to sit on the carpet and see the pictures from a picture book while I read aloud. Therefore, I use a document camera to project the pictures of a book as I'm reading to the class. Therefore, all students can see the pictures and simultaneously listen to the story. 

Doing it this way helps students focus on the story and keeps me from losing their attention.

  Classroom Setup: Using a Document Camera
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Introduction to Summaries: A Whole-Class Discussion

Unit 13: The Genre of Fantasy
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT listen to a class read-aloud and share ideas about what information is necessary when writing a summary.

Big Idea: Students start to differentiate between details and big points.

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English / Language Arts, summary (Composition Basics), folklore (Fictional Lit), 4th grade, summarizing, cultural diversity, folktale, Read Aloud, picture book, vietnamese
  25 minutes
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