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How often do kids hear the phrase "Wait a minute!" They have no idea what a minute feels like. To demonstrate a minute I had the students count to sixty while I walked around the rug clock, making sure that when they reached 5 I was at the 1, 10 at the 2 and so on. Afterwards we talked about the length of a minute. Many students felt it was really long. 

We take for granted that students understand terms like minute, second, hour, but they do need concrete examples to grasp what the terms really mean.

It is good to use time terms in everyday language in the classroom. Tell students they will go to lunch in 15 minutes, or they need to read for 10 minutes, or it is a few minutes before 9. I try to refer to time, let kids figure out where on the clock the hands will be in ten minutes, etc, whenever the opportunity presents itself to reinforce the use of and understanding of time.

  Wait a Minute
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Wait a Minute
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What Time Is It?

Unit 1: What and Where is Math?
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Objective: SWBAT identify the two hands of the clock and explain what each one does. They will be able to count by 5s to 60.

Big Idea: The Common Core doesn't include time as a strand, but the ability to use time to reason about the passage of time, and the ability to use a single number on the clock to represent two different quantities are part of the mathematical practices.

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