Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Using Multiplication to Solve Division Stories - Section 2: Active Engagement


Mathematical Practice 3 suggests that students should be able to construct arguments using concrete referents, such as objects, pictures, and drawings.  They also must refine their mathematical communication and respond to other's thinking.  

I believe in order to do all of that, the students must be comfortable and confident in knowing what they are thinking before they can explain why they are thinking it.  Journal prompting and classroom conversations are the best way to manage this kind of teaching and learning. It would be easy for me to just show the journal example, talk through it with the students and then give a page of problems to solve. In the past, that is exactly what I may have done.

However, understanding the mathematical practices and the depth of the common core standards, I have been working on changing my approach and have been very excited about the results I am getting. 

  Building Communication Skills
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Building Communication Skills
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Using Multiplication to Solve Division Stories

Unit 4: Understanding Division
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to explain their multiplicative thinking in the solving of a division problem.

Big Idea: Students typically see multiplication and division as two separate operations. This lesson is designed to help them understand their relationship.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, factors, division, multiplication, modeling with math, math journaling, multiplicative thinking, equal sets
  45 minutes
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