Reflection: Rigor Reading Paired Text - Section 2: Independent Work


One of the requirements of the common core standards is to challenge students to analyze multiple texts. The standards ask that students read texts and make connections between them - specifically how different authors present information on similar topics or themes.

This may include the type of evidence an author uses, the authors interpretation of the topic or even the format chosen.  This type of analysis goes beyond just examining for text structure, text features and information and is the next logical step in our work with text.

  Why Paired Text?
  Rigor: Why Paired Text?
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Reading Paired Text

Unit 7: Informational Text - Persevering through the Adversity of our World Part 2
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Objective: SWBAT see common themes and ideas in paired text.

Big Idea: Paired text are like peas in a pod - a healthy match.

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peas in a pod
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