Reflection: Routines and Procedures Focusing on Vocabulary - Section 2: Getting Down to Business


This lesson was my first back from our winter break.  As such, my students were exhausted.  (Who am I kidding here?  I was exhausted too!) 

Because this lesson is a good combination of skills review with a new text, it makes a great first-day-back activity.  They have seen the vocabulary activity before, and they're reviewing a summarizing skill we've been working on all year.  However, I'm not boring them with a text they've seen before.

This is a great way to welcome them back and get their heads back in the game!

  Coming Back From a Break
  Routines and Procedures: Coming Back From a Break
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Focusing on Vocabulary

Unit 12: The Socratic Seminar
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT use context as a clue to the meaning of a word through the use of Cornell Notes.

Big Idea: Dispatch with the dictionary! You can use context clues to figure out what you need to know.

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