Reflection: Real World Applications Writing a Blog Post to Stand Against Steroid Use - Section 1: Independent Practice


I like this particular activity because it is a style of writing that suits multiple purposes. It is something less "formal" in the students' minds, yet it is still academic and appropriate for the desired outcome. It is a more fun way for students to work with argument and evidence outside of the traditional essay structure. In the age of digital literacy, blogs and other websites of that sort are all around, and it is a meaningful way to connect important ELA skills to the students' daily lives.

  Why a Blog?
  Real World Applications: Why a Blog?
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Writing a Blog Post to Stand Against Steroid Use

Unit 1: Argument Writing
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: Students will use information from the last three lessons to write a blog that establishes and supports their position on steroid use among teens or professional athletes.

Big Idea: Why Shouldn't People Use Steroids? Start blogging!

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