Reflection: Student Ownership People Who Changed the World Day 3 of 3 - Section 4: Sharing Posters


Sometimes lessons need to be viewed in light of the season. This was the week of Halloween. And doing this topic during this time was not best time because they did not finish their posters. For example, this poster of how he changed the world is not complete.

They struggled with fully understanding how these people changed the world. For example the piece, HowDidHeChangetheLivesofFarmWorkers? is missing this detail. Also, the piece WhoWasHe? too. In doing this lesson again, I would incorporate more mini bios and more modeling.

Also, I am wondering if books with less information would have been more helpful in helping them understand how their person changed the world. Furthermore, in teaching this lesson again, it would probably be more appropriate to do it later on, during the second part of second grade.

I saw a great enthusiasm for the people they were learning about. I loved to hear second grader's comments about the injustice in society. They understood the unfairness of Rosa Parks' treatment. I know that they were moved by her story. To understand the way in which she changed the world, they needed my guidance, which was expected.

I believe the students benefitted from the usage of technology and the small amount of research I did with them. While this person did not finish the poster TheBusIsImportant!, they did capture a powerful image associated with Rosa Parks.

  Student Ownership: Sharing Posters
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People Who Changed the World Day 3 of 3

Unit 12: Biographies
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify key details in an informational text.

Big Idea: One person changed the world by how he handle a baseball bat. Another person changed the world by sitting. Come learn about their remarkable journeys.

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