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It is really easy to make Morning Message a high quality task!  I love adding in my own little "oomph" to push my kids to get the most out of Morning Message.  And, the students really love "solving the mystery" and making corrections to the message.  I love that I can add in the high-frequency words and letter sounds we are working on EVERY DAY.  I also love that I can push kids to remember blends and digraphs as well.  Although we are working on all of these skills (and students don't even realize it), we are focusing on the main skills students need to remember for writing- capitalizing, spacing, punctuation and re-reading.  It is really easy for me to change this activity around and make it what my kids might need at the moment. 
For example, if students are not writing with spacing, I will line up multiple words together and make the students attempt to figure out where the spacing goes- once they have seen how confusing it is, they are all going to try their hardest to space things out correctly!
I absolutely love adding and taking away different ideas and skills from this time in our day.  The thing I love the most is that this activity takes less than ten minutes and sometimes even less than five!  It's easy to fit in and it covers so many standards!

  Making Morning Message MINE!
  Shared Expectations: Making Morning Message MINE!
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Modify Morning Message for More Meaning!

Unit 1: Language Skills Practice
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Objective: SWBAT identify changes that need to be made to a short piece of written text by looking for commands and conventions of language that are incorrect.

Big Idea: Try to trick them and they will find every mistake you make! Being wrong has never been more of a teachable moment!

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