Reflection: Student Grouping Accountable Talk Introduction - Section 5: You Do (Students Practice)


As time goes by, Accountable Talk follows a gradual release model.  After enough guidance from the teacher and experience for the students, they will be able to take Accountable Talk rules and run with them!  One thing that I make sure to remember is that the less I talk, the more they will talk.  I try my hardest here to keep my thoughts until the end of their conversations.  Also, I try very hard at this time to not correct sentence structure or things of that nature unless it's necessary for others' understating (as this lesson is not focused on speaking or grammar, but more on being accountable to participate correctly in the conversation).  It is crucial that students have enough time for EVERYONE to listen and EVERYONE to speak, so I always make sure to plan extra time for this in my lesson plans.  After all, Accountable Talk discussions sometimes lead to rabbit holes that we must immediately explore; I make sure to add in as much "talk time" as possible.

  Student Practice becomes more and more astonishing with more practice!
  Student Grouping: Student Practice becomes more and more astonishing with more practice!
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Accountable Talk Introduction

Unit 2: Meeting Speaking and Listening Standards
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT participate in "Cooperative Conversation" (Accountable Talk) and demonstrate understanding of why it is important in our everyday learning environment.

Big Idea: Learning to engage in collaborative conversations allows children to learn about their world, to become familiar with words, and to build a solid foundation for the development of reading and writing skills.

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