Reflection: Shared Expectations I Can... Think, Predict, Suppose, and Wonder! - Section 4: Instructional Process


I always love to build on a good, solid practice.  This lesson is a very fun one for my students while also being a very rewarding one; therefore, I have made sure to build on this as much as possible!

Once my students are really able to think for themselves and express their thoughts, I thoroughly enjoy pushing them!  I do this by allowing some friendly discourse to occur where students can agree, disagree, defend their thoughts and justify their statements in their groups!  Now, this seems hard to do at the beginning, but it is worth the time investment of the think-alouds I do because their conversations are so much more meaningful!

Just as I teach my students sentence stems for this lesson, I also teach them stems for their more challenging conversation.  We go through sentence starters such as: "I agree with you because... I respectfully disagree with you because... I like how you said _____... I think my answer is correct because..."  Once I think-aloud through these ideas, students quickly add them to their conversations about predictions and suppositions as well!

  Building on this lesson
  Shared Expectations: Building on this lesson
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I Can... Think, Predict, Suppose, and Wonder!

Unit 2: Meeting Speaking and Listening Standards
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT share their thoughts, predictions, suppositions, and wonderings while taking turns, and continuing the conversation through multiple exchanges.

Big Idea: By thinking out loud, listening to others, and discussing topics with others, children learn about the objects, facts, people, and ideas that make up their world. This lesson is one that helps children learn how to have a meaningful and more challenging co

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