Reflection: Rigor Crisis In Africa: Analyzing Structures and Author's Craft - Section 2: Guided Discussion


One thing I would like to do with my students is to let them read the texts on their own and then have them have the fishbowl discussion. I've been giving them texts that we've discussed prior to the fishbowl so that we can focus more on how to carry out the discussion. I am interested to see how they do with the rigor of grade-level text and the questions I may pose. I also want to give them the opportunity to truly debate an issue in this way. There are so many ways to use the outer circle, and I was thinking of a checklist that they keep that has speaking and listening standards, key points to listen for, etc. I'm really excited to try out some new things with this group. 


Update- Here's a link to some better resources. My students insisted I transform this activity, so we did. 

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Crisis In Africa: Analyzing Structures and Author's Craft

Unit 3: Tearing Into Informational Text Part II
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the problem/solution and cause/effect text structures.

Big Idea: So do we want to end poverty in Africa or just talk about why it's happening? Structure matters when writing.

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crisis in africa
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