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In past years, I've given many articles that go along with novels to deepen our understanding--namely, because this is how I comprehend things. For example, I just finished reading Ann Patchet's State of Wonder and the entire time I felt that I needed to read more information about the drug industry and about remote tribes in the Amazon rain forest. So I did. I Googled maps, articles, blogs and found that, at the end of the book, my understanding of the whole story was deeper because I took that time to build on the knowledge the book had initially given me.

Basically, this is what the CCSS is asking us to do when we incorporate more nonfiction into our classrooms. A few years ago, when we read Soul Surfer, I gave my students many articles about perseverance in athletics, but also scientific articles about sharks and the ecosystem in Hawaii. 

  The nonfiction connection
  Real World Applications: The nonfiction connection
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Integrating Engaging Nonfiction

Unit 14: Changes in Self-Perception: Part 3
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Objective: SWBAT: make connections between nonfiction articles and a fictional book.

Big Idea: Hurricane Katrina though scientific and human interest texts.

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English / Language Arts, Nonfiction (Reading), Reading, prior knowledge, hurricanes, Subtext, articles, informational, Fact Sheet
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