Reflection: Rigor Estimation Scenarios: Writing Estimation story problems. - Section 3: Time to Switch!


This was a challenging assignment for my above grade level achieving students because they had to work at writing very clearly. One of my students who is very capable of writing a two step problem wrote a one step problem. I challenged her and pushed her to add to it and edit it so that it was a two step problem. I had to guide a few students to write about appropriate topics.

Questions in the problems were very accurately written. They all had the right question for the situation. I was concerned about this because I hadn't really done any instruction on direction of questions. But it seems these students have this thought process well mastered. I need to adjust my practice  in the future for my lower and mid grade level achieving students on making sure the question fits the problem when I teach them to write two step problems. I know this from past experience. I was lucky this time..and very pleased!


  The Challenge of Challenging My Students
  Rigor: The Challenge of Challenging My Students
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Estimation Scenarios: Writing Estimation story problems.

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
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Objective: SWBAT create a logical and solvable word problem using estimation.

Big Idea: Advanced students will try their hand at writing multi- or one step multiplication estimation problems involving 1 x up to 4 digit problems. They will switch their papers and solve each other's work, solidifying their understanding of estimation word probl

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Math, Enrichment, Number Sense and Operations, writing word problems, critical thinking, applying real life skills
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