Reflection: Classroom Setup Chicka Chicka Chat Chat - Section 5: Daily Differentiated Practice


The great part about this lesson is that it can be tailored for each student.  I love that certain students will talk about some things wile others will want to have a discussion about something completely different.  In the end, no matter what they want to talk about (or what I ask them to talk about because they are reluctant), students are always getting meaningful time with me and great practice with good oral language skills at the same time!
I love letting the students talk to me about anything that may be on their mind, but I also love getting them chatting about what is on my agenda.  For example, I have a student who is sometimes absent with no excuse, so I always meet with that student and make sure everything is going okay at home and ask what is going on.  If a student has been sick or gotten hurt, this time is the perfect time to let them know I care and have been thinking about them while also being a great example of good speaking skills.
Overall, this practice can be tailored to any student, for any occasion at any time (that's one minute or longer)! 

  Chatting can be whatever you make of it...
  Classroom Setup: Chatting can be whatever you make of it...
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Chicka Chicka Chat Chat

Unit 2: Meeting Speaking and Listening Standards
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Objective: Students will have practice participating in collaborative conversations with an adults and will use skills acquired through these conversations.

Big Idea: Build language skills, and love, easily each day!

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chicka chicka chat chat
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