Reflection: Checks for Understanding Stop! Drop! And Roll! Exclamation Mark Identification - Section 3: Assessment


The children loved to "Stop! Drop and Roll!" and to use excitement in their voices to indicate the exclamatory statements.  They are beginning to understand that the exclamation mark does not just mean to shout out words, but to put emphasis on certain sentences.  (However, the sentences that require shouting are still the most fun!)

  Understanding Exclamation Marks
  Checks for Understanding: Understanding Exclamation Marks
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Stop! Drop! And Roll! Exclamation Mark Identification

Unit 9: Learning About Punctuation
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and understand the use of an exclamation mark. Student Objective: I can use an exclamation mark and understand what it means.

Big Idea: Understanding punctuation adds clarity to what we read.

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