Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Yo! Yes? A Lesson in Punctuation. - Section 2: Procedure


After teaching the procedure section of my lesson, I was amazed at how well the children could identify the types of punctuation used.  In the story, the two boys converse in very short responses--one or two words usually, but the impact comes from the intonation that is driven by the punctuation.   I would repeat the characters' comments to my students and then see if they could identify the punctuation needed. The children did not always get the vocabulary correct, like "questimation marks", but they were able to explain their thinking.  On occasion, the students would need non-verbal clues (my facial expressions, shrugging my shoulders, etc.) to determine the punctuation.  They seemed to really enjoy the book as well as the video that I shared.

  Choosing Punctuation
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Choosing Punctuation
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Yo! Yes? A Lesson in Punctuation.

Unit 9: Learning About Punctuation
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Objective: SWBAT sort phrases from the story, Yo! Yes? by the punctuation marks. I can sort cards by the type of punctuation on them.

Big Idea: Using and identifying punctuation helps students become better writers.

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