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On the whole, I was pleased with how the test went.  I was surprised, however, by the number of students who got Problem_3 wrong. Those students who got it wrong universally responded that it was the placement of the question that was the problem; they thought the letters referred to the diagram below (the diagram for #4).  I will keep this in mind next year, and will change the placement of this question in order to eliminate confusion.

The last question, the one with the cutout that asks the students to find compositions of transformations, went quite well.  The one thing that struck me, though, was that two students (both of whom are really bright) tried to use a rotation of 90 degrees with a reflection. They didn't understand the implications of a rotation of 90 degrees on the positioning of the object on the paper, and this surprised me.  It think this is something that I will need to emphasize more strongly next year.

  Unit Exams: Some Thoughts on the Unit Test
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Transformations Unit Assessment

Unit 4: Transformations
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate mastery of this unit's concepts.

Big Idea: Test time! Students take the unit assessment, demonstrating their ability to apply their knowledge of transformations.

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Math, Geometry, Symmetry, areas, Constructions and Transformations, dilation, reflection, perimeter, quadrant, isometry, glide reflection, point symmetry, invariant, transformation, translations, rotations
  90 minutes
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