Reflection: Data Analysis Getting "Moody" by Analyzing Word Choices in "The Most Dangerous Game" - Section 5: Closure


Some students were still unable to respond to the question in its entirety. They did not use details from both the clip AND the story. For some students, I did not make the connection between the chart and the closure clear enough, so even though they had the details right in front of them in the chart, they did not use them in their closure responses. I will adjust this lesson in the future by explicitly telling students to pick at least 1 thing from each quadrant of the chart to include in their written response.

Here is a sample of student work of a student that did not include details from the movie clip: Student work and a student that didn't answer the question or see any connections between our chart and the closure: Student work.

  Data Analysis: Reflection on Closure
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Getting "Moody" by Analyzing Word Choices in "The Most Dangerous Game"

Unit 7: Actions and Reactions in The Most Dangerous Game
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT compare the treatment of mood created in "The Most Dangerous Game" and a movie clip of the story by charting images and sounds.

Big Idea: Authors manipulate mood and students discover how, by collecting evidence

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