Reflection: Modeling Presenting My Perspective on The Trail of Tears - Section 3: It's Presentation Time!


It is important that students have time to work on various ways to present information to their peers. The use of the poster template gave students specific information to focus their presentation on which reduced the amount of rambling and stumbling that I viewed in earlier presentations by student groups. Watch Trail of Tears Poster.MP4 to see how effective the poster template was in this lesson!

Although students felt comfortable in front of their peers, I will encourage groups to hook their audience into what they present since all groups read and presented similar information.

Examples of how this could be done can include

1. referencing a specific quote or event during the Indian Removal

2. asking the audience to answer questions about the Trail of Tears or

3. have peers participate in a survey about key players of this time period

 This is the second presentation done in front of the class this school year. Since students are still learning how to reduce the use of nervousness in their speech, allowing opportunities for students to talk in front of each other helps students to be (1) prepared and (2) be comfortable with using creativity in each presentation.

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Presenting My Perspective on The Trail of Tears

Unit 6: Interdisciplinary Unit: Building ELA Skills Through Historical Documents
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT present claims and findings on the Trail of Tears by referencing evidence read in speeches by President Jackson and Chief John Ross.

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