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It is a school-wide tradition to have the students create holiday gifts for their parents.  A few years ago I decided that instead of wasting precious teaching time making tacky gifts that will likely end up in the trash within a week, I would instead have the students create a gift that would enhance their education as well as become a keepsake for the parents.  I have had many parents thank me for putting this project together for the students.  They love the autobiographies!    It also gives the students a purpose for their writing.  What a wonderful real world application!

  Writing with a Purpose
  Real World Applications: Writing with a Purpose
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Biographies: Illustrating Our Autobiographies

Unit 13: The Story of My Life - Biographies
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Objective: SWBAT put the finishing touches on their autobiographies, including illustrations and a cover as we produce the final product today!

Big Idea: We are in the final publishing stage of our autobiographies. We will be creating our illustrations and covers and then putting the autobiographies together into a book.

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English / Language Arts, autobiographical narrative (Writing), non-fiction (Reading), biography, autobiography, illustration, informational text
  60 minutes
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