Reflection: Real World Applications Biographies: Editing Our Autobiographies - Section 4: Finish Rough Draft Writing and Peer Edit of Autobiographies


The students have done peer editing on a few projects so far this year.  I have found that their ability to use a dictionary is so much higher than students in past years.  They have learned the skills though real world application.  As they are working, of course I walk around and answer any questions.  I am very careful though, and don't answer questions they can find answers to in the dictionary.  Their ability to use the dictionary, even some of my struggling readers, has greatly impressed me.  :)

  Peer Editing = Better Dictionary Skills
  Real World Applications: Peer Editing = Better Dictionary Skills
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Biographies: Editing Our Autobiographies

Unit 13: The Story of My Life - Biographies
Lesson 14 of 17

Objective: SWBAT edit their autobiographies they started yesterday.

Big Idea: We will be "publishing" our autobiographies and giving the finished products to our families as a holiday gift. Today we are in the editing process on our way to publishing.

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English / Language Arts, autobiographical narrative (Writing), non-fiction (Reading), biography, autobiography, editing, informational text
  60 minutes
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