Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Drawing words to study their meaning or Study with a buddy - Section 1: Mini-Lesson


This vocabulary sheet was created to address the needs of my diverse learners in my class, along with the daily choral reading of the words. I am attempting every week to get to my auditory learners (word wall reading and studying with a buddy), visual learners (graphic of sandwiches and drawing), and kinesthetic learners (creating sentences and coming up with other words with the same roots). Sometimes student just turn one of the exercises on the sheet, which is not ideal but at least I have addressed their learning style. 

  Addressing All Learners
  Diverse Entry Points: Addressing All Learners
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Drawing words to study their meaning or Study with a buddy

Unit 7: Vocabulary
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT practice the meaning of vocabulary words by studying with another person or drawing a representation of the word.

Big Idea: Study with a buddy or be your own!

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