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We do a lot of group work and group activities in my classroom.  I have arranged the desks in my classroom into tables to help facilitate group activities more easily.  I have move the students around periodically.  However, I am very particular about where they sit.  I try to arrange the students so that those who need a little extra help are sitting by someone that can give them some help.  So the groups or tables in my room are very diverse.  This makes it easy to work group activities because that extra support is there for the kiddos that need it.  

I also use the tables for small reading groups each day.  In these groups however, the students are grouped based on their reading performance.  We move desks and each group meets at a particular table each day.  I use parent volunteers to help me run these groups.

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Biographies: Bio Cubes Group Activity

Unit 13: The Story of My Life - Biographies
Lesson 12 of 17

Objective: SWBAT complete a short research project on a famous person and share the information learned with a small group.

Big Idea: Today we will be using the "Bio Cube" that we created in the computer lab for a group activity to share the information we learned in our research.

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English / Language Arts, non-fiction (Reading), biography, informational text
  70 minutes
bio cubes group cubes
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