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I don't  know if students are really learning the words from their weekly quiz; this just tells me they have memorized the meaning. The way I really know if they are learning the words is if they use it in their writing. The best indicator is if I don't tell them to use the words and they just use them on their own. Keeping all of this in my mind everyday, along with the writing lesson of the day is not easy however! I teach my students early in the year to always underline/highlight the words when they use them in their writers notebooks. When I do bi-weekly checks of their notebooks, I give them credit for using vocabulary words. 

  How do I know if students are really using the words?
  Checks for Understanding: How do I know if students are really using the words?
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Using Vocabulary Words in Our Writing

Unit 7: Vocabulary
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use the new week's vocabulary words in their writing by practicing sentences.

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