Reflection: Student Ownership Main Idea and Supporting Details Structure - Section 3: Independent Reading


After I led a small group lesson on the rug, I circulated in the room with my video camera to capture what students had accomplished.  In the first shot you will see three ELL students who had not been on task.  They tried to hide their papers from me, and the middle student quickly began underlining a word in the title of the article.

I have stated in other reflections how important the seating arrangements are to create synergy between students.  I like to find combinations of students who bring out the best in each other and help each other.  Sometimes, though, when friends are sitting next to each other it is hard for them to focus on the learning task- and their numbers reinforce each other's experimentation with not doing the learning task.

After viewing this video, I moved several students to a different table group so they would hopefully spend more time on task.

I continue to try different strategies with the student without a pencil at table 2.  She sometimes struggles with fitting in, solving her problems efficiently, and with intrinsic motivation.  My role as an important adult in her life is to continue to learn effective ways to coach her both emotionally and academically. 

  Student Ownership: Culture for Learning
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Main Idea and Supporting Details Structure

Unit 1: Revving Up to Read Informational Text
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT read with a partner to identify main idea and supporting details in a short passage by highlighting the main and underlining the supporting details.

Big Idea: Partners collaborate as they determine the main idea and supporting details of an informational article.

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