Reflection: Student Ownership Introduction of Vocabulary Words - Section 1: Mini-Lesson


I have student volunteers lead the reading of the Word Wall everyday. Sometimes I forget how important it is to have students lead part of the class. One week recently the phone rang right when I was about to lead the Word Wall reading. I quickly asked a student to read it while I answered it. I noticed much more engagement by the rest of a class when the student was reading it. It helped me remember that students are the best motivators of their classmates sometimes!

I now always have a student read it and when they get a pronounce a word or root incorrectly, I will just gently correct them in front of the class. 

  Students Taking the Lead
  Student Ownership: Students Taking the Lead
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Introduction of Vocabulary Words

Unit 7: Vocabulary
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use the week's vocabulary words and roots in order to find other words with the root and determine their meaning.

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