Reflection: Trust and Respect Creating Book Baggies of Informational Texts - Section 4: Partner share


This reflection is to encourage all people who work in a classroom with students to use video to capture what is happening.  It is a great way to analyze what you are doing, and what the students are doing.  Sometimes I am more interested by what I see in the background of the video- than the particular topic being filmed.  I have learned a lot about my students by watching what they do during mini-lessons and independent reading times and during the partner shares.  It gives me important information about who I need to work with in the small group or which partnerships need to be coached on how to use discussion norms.  I tagged this reflection as trust and accountability.  Trust because my students have to trust me and each other if they are going to fully engage in activities. Trust is continually built over the course of the year.  Also, when students have new seating arrangements, I must remember to add in a few trust building activities to help students get to know their new partners.

I added accountability because I want my students to follow directions and talk with each other about their books. Sitting and doing nothing can quickly become a slippery slope for some students. Especially quiet shy students. It is a gentle balance of encouraging, accepting, and providing scaffolds that makes sharing less high risk.

  Trust and Respect: Culture for Learning
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Creating Book Baggies of Informational Texts

Unit 1: Revving Up to Read Informational Text
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT select topics or biographies they are passionate about and state their purpose for wanting to learn more about them.

Big Idea: Get students reading in self-selected high interest informational texts by having them fill book baggies.

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