Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Faulty Logic: Overgeneralization - Section 3: Hands On Activity


As students shared their ideas, I was pleased to see that they were beginning to understand such a complex concept as "overgeneralization".  Students were able to connect to prior knowledge, such as the student explaiining about a kite commercial. Commercials often make you feel left out because you are the only one that does not have a kite.  That was part of the concept, but I needed to delve deeper and ask her if she thinks that the commercial is truthful.  Then, she and I could discuss that if there are exceptions to the rule, than it is an overgeneralization.  We also could look for words such as always, never, everybody, nobody, etc. that would identify this logical fallacy (i.e. Everybody has a kite except you).

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Generating Ideas
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Faulty Logic: Overgeneralization

Unit 16: Errors in Reasoning Examined
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write examples of opinions with errors in reasoning about a given topic.

Big Idea: Students use critical thinking skills to detect faulty logic in arguments. Non-examples help students learn, too!

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