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When I pulled out these cereal blobs at lunchtime and realized that they were all similar—not like the lovely, clear illustrations on the box—I should’ve shifted gears and taught a different lesson.  I blew it.  But I told my grade level team that I’d try it out, and I really gave it my best shot.  One of my co-workers even took the trouble to make a sorting mat and an addition activity!  (I originally thought it was included in the free download, but my co-worker did the extra work.)

There are times when the best call is to abandon ship, but I can be stubborn as a mule.  I didn’t realize just how bad this situation was until 22 of my favorite 5- and 6-year olds were counting on me to turn this into a meaningful graphing activity.

How to make this activity use-able?  My best suggestion would be to take the clip art from the free graph, make lots of duplicates of the clip art, and have kids graph the clip art, as opposed to the awful, confusing blobs of red, green and purple cereal.  Or, use another graph activity… until those cereal shapes can look as clearly defined inside the box as they do on the front of the box!

  High Quality Task: Some things are better left... untaught.
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Christmas Crunch Graph

Unit 5: Comparing Numbers
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Objective: SWBAT use special edition Christmas Crunch cereal to create graphs.

Big Idea: Graphing, part of K.CC.6, is a great way to compare numbers and practice math vocabulary, such as "more," "most," "least," and "same."

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