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I have found that when students work together with a common purpose, their behavior changes.  They are more focused and less likely to get side tracked.  I circulated and observed students actively finding facts about Florida and demonstrating teamwork. One student was writing the facts while his partner read to him.  As I conducted student observations, I saw that sudents were coordinated in their efforts that they were even finishing each other's sentences.  Students have improved so much from the beginning of the year, when we were still working on getting along with each other. The use of the Pair Partner Rubric really helped to communicate behavioral expectations as well.

  Intrinsic Motivation: Working Together
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Florida Facts

Unit 5: Florida Research
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT find relevant information about state facts.

Big Idea: How can I use digital sources to conduct shared research? Students evaluate the relevancy and accuracy of information from multiple sources as they research geographical, historical, and societal facts about Florida.

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