Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Developing Presentations of Text Structures (Day 2) - Section 4: Closing


Three awesome things happened that I notice by using Prezi. 

1) I had a student who when I showed my example Prezi to the class he said, "I can't do this, this looks too hard." He struggles academically and it looked too complicated to him. I assured him that he could use this tool. When he finished his presentation he was so excited about it, he wanted to show his other teachers. This was a win for him!

2) I did not catch one student doing something other than Prezi for both days of Prezi development. They were engaged! 

3) Two of my students showed me how they used Prezi for two different class projects. They were able to transfer the knowledge they gained by using Prezi in my class to another. That is always a win as a teacher! 

  Using Prezi
  Positive Reinforcement: Using Prezi
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Developing Presentations of Text Structures (Day 2)

Unit 6: Presentations of Text Structure Project
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT compose a presentation in order to showcase their understanding of text structures in a creative and coherent presentation.

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