Reflection: ELL Students Strategies for Content Specific Vocabulary - Section 3: Independent Reading


For example, I know which kids will always benefit from 10-15 mins.  These are my students who are 2-3 years below grade level. I also have several students who I like to meet with and have work on the rug because of distractibility/maturation issues- (I always check in with them- make sure they have all their materials, ask if they have any questions, etc..I'm thinking of a few students in particular who will engage in the work if I make a point to give them special attention.  These are the kind of students who can do the work, it might be a little challenging for them, but they definitely have the skills and resources to be successful. These students struggle with getting started with a new task.  So I make sure I get to them right away so they get started with the assignment- rather than 30 minutes later noticing they have been making origami yodas and swords in their desk with their post-its.)  There is another group of students, who at the beginning of the year, I sometimes overlooked.  These tend to be my quiet ELL students- students who hide what they don't know. They don't usually ask for help. They usually are very quiet in the classroom. 

  ELL Students: Differentiation
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Strategies for Content Specific Vocabulary

Unit 1: Revving Up to Read Informational Text
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Objective: SWBAT use context clues to generate synonyms to determine the meaning of terms used in an informational selection.

Big Idea: Generate synonyms based on context clues to tackle challenging words with ample opportunities to read lots of text on high interest topics

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